11 Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

Cute and Cool Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

The change from a little girl to a teenager is a complicated process. Many things will change. You will find many changes to them. This change will also affect various things and one of them is the design of the room. Your little princess room won’t suit their teen character so you have to do something on it.

The bedroom must support your daughter to relax, study and spend time with her friends. This article will discuss various bedroom designs that might suit your daughter’s character.
1. Angelic elegant

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

Young women often fantasize about more serious things. They will start leaving cartoon characters and change to new themes like angels or heaven. Do you want to keep it minimalist and not complicated? Turn your daughter’s decorating creativity into the elegant wall of the room.

This inspiration teaches them to decorate the walls calmly and choose soft beds that are high in size, so they can sleep comfortably. You also have to put a pair of darling angels as important ornaments in this room. This design is more of a classic and elegant design but with monotone colors like white and pink pastels.

2. Luxury and cute

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

A bow is a long-lasting form that can be applied to objects such as pillows or carpets. You might need some pastel Bow pillows that you can use as a complement to interior design. If you place a sofa in your daughter’s room, then you can put the bow pillow as an accent on the sofa.

This can also represent your daughter’s girly character. You can also use a bow-patterned carpet so that there is a match between the sofa, pillow, and carpet.

This is just an accent; you should not use this element in all spaces because it will tend to be boring. You can combine this with striped walls and polka dot motifs on curtains or bed covers. This will give the impression of luxury and cute.

3. Modern vintage design

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

You must communicate the design of the room with your daughter. This is important considering that they will use the room. This also applies to vintage designs. Not all girls like this design.

This design is usually preferred by teens over 14 years. You can still create a vintage and feminine bedroom. You can use an asymmetrical line on the wall. You can also use a contrasting, bright, pastel-colored vintage design.

A cupboard shaped like a phone boot will also be the perfect furniture for this design. Pastel colors are synonymous with a feminine and playful impression.

You can combine this with several designs. This color is also very suitable for small rooms because it can make the room look wider. This will also make your daughter’s room look brighter and not boring.

4. Musical Bedroom Ideas

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

Creating a musical bedroom is one thing that is quite difficult to do. Care must be taken to create a musical bedroom that can last a long time.

Teenagers have a changing musical atmosphere. Today they like R & B, but they can like other types of music because of various changes in their daily lives. You should not create a die-hard fan-bed room.

You have to create a more general musical room so that it can suit your daughter’s musical taste (whatever it is). The design of this room is quite simple to make, which is using a Wall Sticker.

The installation of a black and white wall sticker around the ceiling of your room makes it look like Piano, right? Besides, you can also attach a vinyl sticker on the wall of the room.

Also, install music-themed wall decorations that you like. Usually, women prefer the design of rooms that seem feminine and ‘sweet’, right? The whole room is not dominated by bright colors.

But the use of white base colors on the room is considered beneficial because you can even add bright colored paintings or wall stickers. For example, you can add pink and black piano paintings or wall stickers in the form of guitars with fuchsia colors.

5. Gold for Teenage

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

Well, if you are looking for a unique room decorating ideas, rose gold-themed decorations can be an option. Rose gold is a blend of gold and pink. This color is suitable for you who like simple designs but look elegant. Besides, this rose gold color can also provide a feminine and romantic atmosphere.

The rose gold color is very well combined with white and gray. Like this one design that can make your room look cozy. You also decorate your daughter’s room with rose gold and marble colors.

6. Retro Bedroom

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

Paint room walls with pastel colors. Choose a bed, dressing table, chair, or cupboard that is yellow or blonde. In this room, you don’t need to use many accessories; just place functional objects because of the fewer objects in the room, the better. Choose a lamp that is usually placed on a wall and not a lamp that is hung on the ceiling.

Place these stick lights on both sides of the bed. Finally, hang the sunburst, a type of carving made of iron and was very popular in the 1950s. Place this object hanging on the ceiling above the bed. This design is more suitable for young women aged 16 years and over.

7. Bright Desk

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

Girls need two types of tables in their rooms; the work desk and dressing table. The dressing is a decoration element that can add a sweet impression to the room, especially the bedroom. Dressing rooms not only function as a place to dress up and make up themselves but have become a kind of extra space aesthetics and able to add comfort.

A work desk is one of the important elements that must be in the room. This shows your daughter’s character. The narrow room ideally only has one table and that is a work desk. You don’t have to place a dressing table because you can replace it with a small table and a large glass.

8. Bedside Table

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

Nordic bedside tables can be used in any design. This is a table with a minimalist design that can be used as one of the functional furniture that can adapt to various styles of interior design. If you want to have an unusual bedside table, then the waste bin is the right choice for you. You only need an iron waste bin and put it in reverse. You can put a few things on it.

9. Write On the Walls D├ęcor

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

Typography seems to be a very interesting decoration to be applied to the walls of your daughter’s room. Now you can order typographic wallpapers with your own design. You can place quotes or just a combination of a few words that are arranged with the pop art concept. It’s not easy to choose the right typographic design for the bedroom.

You must choose words that can arouse enthusiasm. This is an opportunity for you to give advice without having to talk much; teenagers are not regulated, they tend to think of themselves as adult humans who can think independently. Through the use of quotes on the walls of your child’s room, they will get a lot of advice without having to argue with you.

10. Box Shelves

Cute Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Homes

There are various unique models for you to make as choices with interesting shapes and combinations, of course. Box shelves are one type of wall shelves that have good functionality and aesthetics. Your daughter can use the shelf to put books and other items. Don’t forget to always pay attention to the color combination and suitability of the model with your daughter’s room. The box shelves will make your daughter’s room look more neat and unique.

11. The bedroom of the fairy world

Everyone would want to remember the happiness of their childhood. One of the things that little girls like is a fairy. Many of them want to have a “fairy touch” in their room. You need a lot of white on the wall and soft pink on some of the things you put in the room. Pink pastel curtains equipped with sparkling flakes seem to give the impression of a fairy world.

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