4 Tips Ways to Use Strip Lighting

Creative Ways to Use Strip Lighting

Strip lighting has become a very fun and inventive component in several areas. While strip lighting is usually used under cabinets to light countertop spaces and for other conventional uses, people are getting more creative with it. It’s also easier than ever to stick strip lighting just about anywhere, thanks to the flexible LED strips that come on rolls.

On top of that, many of these easy-stick strip lighting options come in different colors. Whether you want to place the lighting somewhere unconventional like on the ceiling or you want a colored light design, strip lighting is a great solution. Read on to find out how to work with strip lighting in some stylish ways.

Strip lighting under cabinets

Tips Ways to Use Strip Lighting

You usually see strip lighting under top cabinets, but try placing them under the cabinets by the floor for a unique take on this trend. You can see in the photo above how some soft light adds a fun accent to space.

This idea can work well in brightly colored neutral spaces. The soft yellow lighting adds a hint of color to space, and there are no other large-scale colored items to compete with the lighting. If you were to turn off the ceiling lights, a style like this would also make for relaxing mood lighting, especially in a bathroom space.

Under stairs

Tips Ways to Use Strip Lighting
Putting strip lighting under the stairs is as stylish as it is functional. You can see in the photo above how some added lighting creates a pleasant glow from within the steps. And this idea works under both see-through and solid steps.

If you want a more creative, artistic space, you might consider doing the same style with colored strip lights. You could even make the strip lights match an accent color in the space. Or to really make it a party, you could use strip lights that change color.

This idea works indoors or outdoors. You might also consider getting creative with outdoor strip lighting ideas. You could place it underneath railings or on outside walkways. Feel free to have fun with it for a truly customized space.

As a ceiling accent

Tips Ways to Use Strip Lighting

One place you might not think to put this type of lighting is right up on the ceiling. But the photo above shows how you can use strip lighting to accent tiered ceiling designs. It helps the geometry of space pop.

This is also a good idea for spaces that could use a relaxing lowlight option, like home theater spaces or bedrooms. Just having the ceiling strip lighting on would make for a subtle glow. You could also try different-colored lighting to play around with the mood.
You can also see in the photo above how well strip lighting fits around more intricate lighting fixtures. It actually works as an accent to the chandelier.

Within display shelving

Tips Ways to Use Strip Lighting

Another use that’s as functional as it is stylish is to place it within display shelving. It works well with set-in shelves, as you can see in the photo above. The problem with set-in shelves is that it can be hard to get light into those spaces. This backlit option helps the items on the shelves stand out all the more.

It’s a great option for you if you do a lot of traveling or collecting, so you have a lot of unique and interesting items to display. You might even try colored strip lights in display shelving if you want a more unconventional space.

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