5 Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems

Benefits of Irrigation Systems in daily life

If you live in one of the parts of the country that’s been struggling with drought (or you just don’t want to spend a fortune on your water bill), you’ve probably felt that you face a choice with your outdoor areas.
5 Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems
If you want a stunning yard and a low water bill, a drip irrigation system could be for you. Image: Jacky Parker Photography/Getty Images

You can either be water conscious or have a beautiful, lush yard, right? When you’ve opted for traditional irrigation systems like sprinkler heads, that’s often true. But, good news, that’s not your only option as far as types of irrigation systems go. If you want a beautiful yard without the high water usage — and resulting bill! — a drip irrigation system could be just what you need.

What is a drip irrigation system?

This way to water your plants uses dripped water. A drip irrigation system runs either a perforated hose or drip emitters (connected by a hose) under the soil throughout your planting bed. Water drips through small holes directly to your plants’ roots.
5 Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems
Sinking a water line into the soil around your roots delivers water directly to them. Image: Juri Bondar/Shutterstock

Good news. The system can run off any outdoor nozzle, so you don’t need to worry about reconfiguring your plumbing to make it work. As far as cost, you can expect your system to run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a grand, depending on the scope of the system you want to be installed and your local labor costs. Experts estimate you should plan from anywhere from $1.40 to $4.50 per square foot you want drip irrigated.

What are the benefits of a drip system?

The regular dripping of water gives your plant beds a steady supply of the moisture they need to look their best. It seems like a slam dunk, right? Sure, but let’s talk details. Check out these five benefits of having a drip irrigation system installed.

Save water

In the hot summer, how much water are you sacrificing to evaporation and runoff? With a drip system, every drop of water you pay for is applied directly where the plants can access it. This prevents water waste and allows your planting beds to make the most of each drop. You can say goodbye to water inefficiency and hello to a lower water bill!

Easy installation

This is probably a job you want to hire a pro to handle, but it’s relatively quick and painless. Most major yard projects put your plant health at risk because they disturb their roots. Drip irrigation system installation is different. The system is installed along with the top layer of the soil. That means no traumatic changes to your plants’ root systems. Instead, they get to reap the benefits of easy, direct water access right away.

What’s more, drip systems are easy to move. If you catch a new vision for your yard or decide to add a plant or two, your drip system can be rerouted to suit your needs.

Fewer pests

Bugs love finding to find pools of water on your plants’ leaves. You keep them hydrated and they decide to set up shop. A drip irrigation system, on the other hand, directs all of your water straight into the soil. Your plants can get to it, but pests can’t. In addition to a professional insect control service, a drip system can help you keep unwanted insectile visitors away.
5 Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems
Stop wasting water in the wind. Image: Hadrian/Shutterstock

No wind interruption

How often do you see the water from sprinklers pooling on sidewalks on a windy day? A drip system gives you an easy way to avoid wind interference. By laying your irrigation lines directly in the soil, you maximize the efficiency of every drop of water you put into your yard.

Low stress

When you have a team of pros helps with your drip irrigation system installation, you can rest easy knowing it’s going to work. You don’t have to worry about hand watering any plants where your sprinklers aren’t reaching or soggy roots when the sprinklers cause puddling in your yard. It’s a one-and-done deal that leaves you with a lush, low-maintenance yard.

Think your yard would enjoy a steady supply of water that’s never sacrificed to wind or the sun? Could your wallet benefit from less money spent on your water bill? If so, you might want to capitalize on these benefits and have your very own drip irrigation system installed. You can also expert analysis of your yard and a tailored care plan to make sure it’s healthy and beautiful all year long.

Still, have questions about how to best water your lawn? Contact a lawn care professional to get expert advice on how to maintain a great looking lawn all summer long.

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