5 Concepts for Using Rustic Lighting in the Backyard

Recommended Using Rustic Lighting in the Backyard 

Rustic stylish accents were much created for the Backyard, as their bucolic feel fits well with a natural setting. And if you wish to feature some instant rustic ambiance and sophistication to your Backyard, the fastest way to do it is to add outdoor rustic lighting using string lights. Immediately, this may strike you as fairly unclassy. You might image plastic tiki string lights or out-of-season Christmas lights.

But backyard lights can bring subtle mood lighting and still keep things looking thoroughly rustic chic. You simply need to know the right styles of lights to use, which we’ll cover below.

Concepts for Using Rustic Lighting in the Backyard

1. Rustic Exposed Bulbs

An instant way to get a rustic chic look is to opt for a classic exposed filament bulb style, like the rustic lighting in the photo above. Old-style bulbs offer off one thing of associate degree antique look. But they still add plenty of ambient lighting, thanks to the softer glow of their light source versus certain LED types.

You can see within the image higher than however nice classic bulbs look once used as string lighting outdoors. You could easily hang them from trees to juxtapose the natural plant life with the industrial-style light source. They could also look great hanging over eating areas or patios to light up where people socialize.

Concepts for Using Rustic Lighting in the Backyard

2. Combining Light Types

Another plan for rustic lighting is to travel for associate degree exposed bulb vogue combined with a lot of ancient string lighting. You can see in the photo above how the idea was used to maximum effect by stringing bulbs to the tree. Then, that light source is accented with small string lights around the branches themselves. The whole style leads to an enchanted forest feel.

This idea works best with little string lights in either white or a cool color like inexperienced. Bolder colors like multicolor styles, red or orange might look too seasonal, like they belong on a Christmas tree. But white and cool-color lights will give a timeless, clean feel to your outdoor rustic accent lighting.
Concepts for Using Rustic Lighting in the Backyard

3. Use Rustic Accents Backyard

You could additionally mix your outside lighting with alternative rustic-inspired accent things. An example is that the old-style wire birdcages within the image higher than. The white string lights around the tree light up the area beautifully. And the lighting on the tree draws attention to the rustic accent of the birdcages hanging nearby.

Another classic concept fits into rustic stylish designs is associate degree old-style lamp. These can either hang next to string lights or be their own light source. Lanterns with rustic lighting in them, like flameless candles, are also popular for outdoor rustic chic styles. These fit well hanging or on table settings as accents.

Concepts for Using Rustic Lighting in the Backyard

4. Combine Natural Elements and Rustic Lighting

Another idea is to combine rustic lighting sources with accents from nature. An example is the hanging globe lights with tea candles in them in the photo above. Candles are great for adding an instant classic appeal and the globe design shows them off well. And hanging those globe lights from a natural garland design is a classy way to bring in the rustic appeal of natural textures.

You could do this in a few different ways. You could go with a natural arch and hang the globe lights from the top, like in the photo. Lights like these could sit within natural wreaths in a table setting. Or you could hang lights like these along the length of a garland.

Something like this would work especially well for an outdoor wedding. And if you have fire hazard concerns, you can always use LED tea lights.

Concepts for Using Rustic Lighting in the Backyard

5. Hang Rustic Lighting Close to Natural Wood

The image higher than shows however nice exposed bulbs look once decorated on a country wood item, like a fence. The old-style bulbs and gently aged wood mix to seem delightfully bucolic and classic. If you can, it can also help to include an accent of plant life nearby to further add to the rustic, natural look.

You can use this idea in a few different ways, as well. For instance, you might hang exposed bulbs like these outside a barn-style shed. Or you might hang string lights over a distressed, reclaimed wood patio table. This idea allows for creativity and personal inspiration.

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