Craftsman House: Tips Practices on Decorating One

Craftsman House: Creating a New Decorating One

House shopping is always a sentimental affair where the house defines a sense of the character of those living in it. A craftsman's house gives you that sense of belonging even before one starts to live in it.

A folk style d├ęcor or medieval design house is the essence of craftsman work. They take pleasure in their work and the same is reflected in the homes which creates an instant connection with the house even before one begins to live there. The house seems very welcoming with much warmth alluding one to feel at home.

Craftsman houses have a long history behind them which we will explore further to give you a perspective about the advent of this architecture and how it shaped many dream houses.

A comprehensive study of its unique features and social design principles which emerged during the industrial revolution in the mid-19th century.

The Arts and Crafts Movement

The origin of Craftsman house emerged during the industrial revolution in Britain when the arts and crafts movement began against the machinery work which was perceived as a decline in the standards of Craftsmanship. This anti-industrial, economic and social reform promoted simple, medieval or folk style decorations.

Designer William Morris was a great influence on the Arts and Crafts movement in the 1850s, who frequently experimented with crafts and interior designs.

His notable works mostly included a strong presence of flora and fauna in decorative objects and furniture. He criticized machinery and believed in the idea of craftsman working by hand. He believed that craftsmen take pleasure in their work and hence could create a masterpiece, which reflected the greatness in the art of common people.

The trend soon flourished and gained international recognition throughout Europe and eventually reached America as well.

As the trend reached North America, it soon acquired the terms “American Craftsman or Craftsman Style architecture”, publicized by Gustav Stickley in his Magazine, The Craftsman. These were an attempt to re-invent European Arts and Crafts ideas to meet the standards affordable by the American Middle class.

The Popularity of Craftsman Homes

Craftsman style houses became popular as they spread across the European continent and stepped into America. Credits to Gustav Stickley and many other designers who contributed to extending the popularity worldwide.

These designers constantly experimented and made several developments in the craftsman house style architecture. Some of the notable inspirations were also taken from Victorian Style houses and some from the Indian Bungalow.

Indian Bungalow style had a very significant impression on Gustav Stickley after he visited the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent. He found the beauty of the bungalow in its simplistic form.

It is usually either a single or two-story house with a sloping roof and would include a veranda or porch. It was normally seen in Indian middle-class living style and the same inspired American middle-class houses later.

What Makes Craftsman House Unique

Craftsman style houses can be easily distinguished due to their eccentric style standing out among different house designs. A few of the characteristics below could help you recognize them.

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