Sara Bendrick DIY Explains 2019 Landscaping Trends

Sara Bendrick Explains The DIY Network’s

Creating the perfect outdoor space is not something that homeowners take lightly. Cutting your grass weekly could be a sensible begin, and incorporating Matt Blashaw’s out of doors lighting tips is additionally a step in the right direction.

Sara Bendrick DIY

But what else can you do? Well, the National Association of Landscape Professionals has free its high 2019 landscaping trends. And landscape designer Sara Bendrick, host of DIY’s “I Hate My Yard,” author of “Big Impact Landscaping: twenty-eight DIY comes you'll be able to Do on a Budget to Beautify and Add worth to Your Home,” and a STIHL representative, provides insight concerning the NALP’s report – and adds some of her own landscaping trends.

Sara Bendrick DIY

Trend #1: Two-in-one landscape design

Gone are the days of a landscape. “Many individuals have restricted house, therefore making a landscape with multi-purpose options will add substantial property worth, additionally to being a center of attention,” Bendrick says. For example, a retaining wall can also double as seating, and instead of just a privacy fence, consider an edible garden on a trellis. “A fun example is creating a corn hole game on a back deck by building in corn hole boards flush to the deck with hinges. You can lift them open to play and put them back down when finished,” Bendrick says.

Sara Bendrick DIY

Trend #2: Automated lawn and landscape maintenance

Spending longer outdoors doesn’t essentially mean outlay longer operating outdoors. And homeowners are looking for tools to make lawn care more convenient. “The latest in innovation includes good sprinklers and robotic field mowers – however, I like to recommend having a conjugation dealer to try and do the initial install,” Bendrick says. “While it's nice that such a lot of landscape jobs square measure being automatic, obtaining your hands dirty within the garden can ne'er withdraw of favor,” she says. However, you'll be able to incorporate technology whereas additionally feeling connected to your house.

Sara Bendrick DIY

Trend #3: Pergolas

“Pergolas are always on trend in my book. I love them for several reasons, however primarily as a result of they create scale, detail, and shade to an area, making it more interesting and inviting,” Bendrick says. And because they’re so versatile, she says more people are seeing the value of adding them in their landscapes. “Incorporate amenities to form them more well-off for extended, like misters, fans, space heaters, lighting, adjustable louvers, and pull-down shade screens.”

Sara Bendrick DIY

Trend 4: Pretty pink

Pops of color add pizazz to any landscape. Bendrick admits that pink traditionally leans feminine, but thinks colors, in general, are being seen as more gender neutral. “I expect to see pink used in both masculine and feminine designs,” she says. “A good way to include pink would be to form a contemporary landscape with all white flowing plants, green foliage, charcoal concrete, a steel I-beam water feature and a pink accent wall.” Another trend is to use pink roses, hibiscus, petunias, and zinnias in flower beds to feature pops of color.

Sara Bendrick DIY

Trend 5: Mesmerizing metals

“I love mistreatment raw materials, specifically metal in landscape design. They add a sense of permanency and strength,” Bendrick says. She recommends mistreatment metal panels for adornment, as well as function, such as a privacy screen. Other trends embrace mistreatment metals in a piece of furniture and water options. “While I'm a giant fan of metal, it does jump up to the price of the landscape as it’s typically more expensive than wood or plastic alternatives,” she says.

Sara Bendrick DIY

Other landscaping trends

Bendrick is additionally noticing alternative trends and concerns in landscape style.

Organic gardening

“People are getting additional and additional curious about what they're uptake, where it came from, and how it was harvested, leading them to more traditional methods of gardening,” Bendrick says.

Going local

“Sourcing native materials and incorporating native plants square measure trending as individuals are attempting to be additional capable and cut back their footprint.”

Landscape updates increase property value

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. Set the stage for buyers. “It’s simple to imagine yourself quiet at a home with a well-maintained landscape, outdoor space, and a full garden,” Bendrick says. And she recommends making a landscape that enhances the house. Also, don’t just design for summer use. For example, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can help you entertain in the fall and winter months.

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