Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trend 2019

Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019 – hottest style ideas for Accent Wall

An accent wall could be a good way to feature splashes of color to space or add fascinating patterns to the color theme.

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

But which wall and which pattern to choose, so that it fits your room? We answered these questions and put together the most beautiful wallpaper ideas for bedroom decor.

1. Wallpaper within the sleeping room – introduce fascinating patterns

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

Using wallpaper to emphasize a single wall is a great way to create an eye-catcher in the room. Use an interesting pattern or texture and bright colors. If you want to achieve a more subtle effect, you can choose a tone-on-tone wallpaper with a pattern, such as baroque, floral or rhombus.

2. embellish wallpaper within the sleeping room with the decoration

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

Create a calm and coherent feeling in your bedroom by defining the basic color of the wallpaper and finding suitable accents such as bedding and accessories in this or a similar shade. A neutral color such as white, cream, beige, brown or gray creates an elegant interior that can be combined with any other colors for decoration and accessories.

3. The idea for modern interpreted baroque flair

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

There are many ways in which to pick an associate accent wall. The best option is this wall, which immediately attracts attention after entering the room. In the bedroom, this wall is usually wallpapered behind the bed, but not always.

4. In brown and blue

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

If windows and doors break the wall, you better choose a different accent wall. They tend to distract attention from the wallpaper and the effect you want to achieve would be in vain. Low walls are not suitable for an accent wall in the bedroom, because the room will look visually overloaded.

5. Thin branches and shades of gray

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

When selecting the color and pattern for the accent wall in the bedroom, you will want to reconcile the wallpaper with the rest of the decor, if it already exists. On the other hand, if you redesign the room, you should use colors and materials that look good together. It would be advisable to choose the main color and to complement it only with matching tones and nuances. Especially neutral colors, such as gray or beige, which are present in many nuances and can create a harmonious overall picture in the interior are suitable for this.

6. Subtle patterns and colors

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

The bedroom is an area in the apartment where you can relax and recharge your batteries. Therefore, the sleeping area should have a calming effect and contribute to well-being. The choice of color for the walls and furnishings plays a decisive role here. Subtle patterns and colors are recommended for the wallpaper in the bedroom because they do not burden the eyes, but even seem relaxing.

7. Wall decoration matched with the decor

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

An important requirement for a beautiful bedroom is the adaptation of the colors, patterns, and fabrics used in the room. Each small element plays a role. In general, the wall design is the focus, because it affects the overall look of the room. With wallpaper in the bedroom, you can customize the walls individually, because the variety of designs and colors is simply endless.

8. Pillows and sheets in the same shade

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

If you have chosen a wallpaper as an accent wall in the bedroom, then you can also play with colors and take advantage of atmospheric interior design. For bright colors are quite good, because they are considered real eye-catcher. You can combine an accent wall in a funny color with a few other elements in the bedroom and make the space stylish. For example, pillowcases, bedding as a whole or small upholstered furniture such as upholstered stools are perfect for accents.

9. Golden shades

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

Warm tones in the sleeping area create a pleasant feeling and invite you to linger. With the matching wallpaper in the bedroom, you can even achieve a high-quality interior design. For golden shades and elegant patterns are wonderful and provide in combination with matching furnishings for a noble interior.

10. Beautiful and feminine bedroom wallpaper

Top 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2019

Gold as a color can be combined with white for a bright bedroom design. The color duo looks particularly feminine and is perfect for small spaces. White wallpaper with golden splashes is a good option for the accent wall behind the bed.

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