Top 11 Trend Color For Dining Room Design 2019

Trend Color Modern Dining Room Design 

The dining room is the space in which one shares meals with family, friends, birthday celebration, among other various experiences that occur daily in a home. The color used to decorate it varies according to the tastes of the people and the fashion trends of the time.

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

That’s why we’ll show you a lot of colorful ideas for the dining room, so you can be inspired and choose yours.
The colors of the painting that are trend can transform any dining room into a fabulous space.

1. Trend colors for dining room 2019

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

The color with which we decorate our home can transform everything from rooms to moods, including the sale price of the property. Deciding which tone to choose among the endless possibilities can be daunting.

That’s where the color forecasters come in. Employed by many fashion and decoration brands, forecasters travel the world in search of emerging trends in design and culture.

2. Predictions of Sherwin Williams

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

The Colormix Color Forecast 2019 forecast by Sherwin Williams recently identified 36 of the best colors of the year, inspired by how people connect and roam the world. These are the 3 best palettes of this prediction:

  • Sincerity The soft sandy tones and muted grays hint at the tranquility of a cloudy day on the seashore, while misty greens and roses are meant to refer to a healthy life. Sincerity is about conscious life and the creation of an environment to disconnect and recharge.
  • Affinity. Countering the sincerity tones that induce Zen, the palette of affinity is a reflection of the love to travel, experience new cultures and connect with new people. Inspired by the colors found in endemic patterns and crafts from around the world, the palette is full of energizing tones of indigo, fuchsia, and blues, with touches of tans and browns.
  • Connectivity. In the era of those obsessed with screens, the colors that reflect the technological culture are increasingly sought after. The tones of this palette, inspired in part by the experience of virtual reality, include watery blues, deep purple, and warm yellows. Combine them with muted neutrals, such as soft gray and white, to obtain a modern touch of color that does not overwhelm.

3. Predictions of Pantone

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

Known as “global color authority”, the Pantone Color Institute announces each year what colors will be the latest trends.
“The classic metal we know, has become the new neutrals,” said Eiseman. It also predicts a growing passion with iridescence, since “the human eye can not avoid absolutely nothing pearly or translucent, and is intrigued by the brightness.”
Another outstanding trend will include a movement towards intense colors instead of cakes. “Intense colors seem to accompany our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days,” he said.

  • Greenery Vegetable colors such as celery are combined with purple berries and blue, a symbol of health.
  • Playful Think of the Minions. Bright yellow, lime, and all the fun colors come together for this color scheme.
  • Ingenious. This palette is composed of complementary blue and orange colors. “This is a pretty interesting color scheme,” Eiseman said. “It combines warm, cool tones that you just can not help but look at.”
  • Discretion. The alter ego of the playful paddle. Subtle tones offer a feeling of strength. “The color pink has developed more power than ever,” said Eiseman.
  • Extraordinary Warm and earthy tones are mixed with pink tones, this palette “extends and embraces many different cultures,” said Eiseman.
  • Intricate. A palette of metal (also known as the “new neutrals”) with dramatic accents of sulfur, red and bluish. The bursts of color mixed with metallic reflections add glamor.
  • Intensity. this is often an associate eclectic mixture of deep and daring colors that evokes a sense of strength, power, and sophistication, all balanced with black and gold.
  • Technique. Turquoise, pink and bright purple colors, combined with white and almond. This palette has to do with shades “that seem to shine from within,” Eiseman said.

4. Brown dining room color trends

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

Different shades of brown can be used not only on furniture, as is often done, but also on walls. It is advisable to combine it with white or pale yellow, to give luminosity to space.

The colors that do not fail, for those who seek to create a warm and cozy dining room, are red and purple; these mixed in different parts, in combination with wood, are very good as a whole.

For its part, the color gold has taken force in recent times; It gives a very elegant impression in tune with wooden floors and white ceiling.

5. Trend colors for the dining room: orange

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

The orange caramel color works very well in most modern rooms, with pure lines. It combines very well with wood.

6. Night sky dining room colors

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

This color looks very well combined with white, with browns and beiges.

7. room color trends: green apple

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

This color full of freshness in any type of room. It looks very well combined with yellow or gray.

8. Yellow citrus dining room wall paint colors

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

This tonality gives a lot of light to the dining room, making it cozy thanks to natural warmth.

9. Dark red wall paint color for dining room

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

Combined with clean white tones, it makes a very cozy space.

10. Dark purple dining room color trends

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

The nuances of velvety blue-violet give a very elegant look. When this deep hue is combined with light-colored furniture and ebony wood floors, as shown here, you can turn an informal space.

11. Light blue dining room color trends

Trend Color For Dining Room Design

Light blue and dark brown is a proven and very effective duo.

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