10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

Types of Classic Sofa Styles for Every Living Room

Sofas for Living Room - Tight back, slipcovered, skirted, tufted...Whether you're shopping for an affordable sofa online or planning to hit the furniture stores live and in-person, the first and hardest. Luckily, we're here to take the guesswork out of the process.

Slipcovered Sofa
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

For a farmhouse or cottage look, a slipcovered sofa is a win-win. Win No. 1: The relaxed construction delivers a comfortable, welcoming look that invites all to sit down and kickback. Win No. 2: Because slipcovers can be easily removed and laundered, you don’t have to worry about messy kids and pets especially if you choose a durable fabric such as cotton duck or twill. Don’t be afraid to go with white upholstery. It's the best choice for longevity, as you can easily and affordably change out throw pillows when your tastes change. And thanks to the magic of bleach, that white will remain crisp and fresh for years to come.

Leather Sofa
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

A soft-as-butter leather sofa is a go-to choice for bringing warmth and texture to a family room or den. While leather sofas of the past may have been oversized and bulky, today’s choices offer frames in all shapes and sizes. And much like a well-loved farm table, these sofas only get better with age and use. Leather is a great material for a busy household with lots of traffic, but you need to appreciate the character of a well-loved patina.

Modern Chippendale Sofa
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

This streamlined bench-style sofa is a modern take on the classic Chippendale sofa. Its simplified lines deliver the signature thin arms and high, curved back but without some of the fuss, which makes it a solid choice for a smaller library or sitting room.

Bridgewater Sofa
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

Simple in shape and modest in scale, you can’t go wrong with a classic Bridgewater sofa. With details like low arms, a softly rolled back, and a tailored skirt, this sofa delivers a pretty, inviting seat that’s ready-made for both easy conversation and a night of binge-watching. Customize the look with the cushion configuration—two is more relaxed and casual, while three is more traditional. The Bridgewater is also a great sofa for introducing some patterns. Go bold with a stripe or floral.

Camelback Sofa
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

Appropriately named, the camelback sofa is distinguished by its gracefully arched back. Thanks to exposed legs and scrolled arms, this stately sofa shape remains as popular today as it was when Thomas Chippendale first introduced the design during the 18th century. Bring the historic shape up-to-date by upholstering or slipcovering it in a solid fabric. Its more upright structure makes this a top choice for a room used more for conversation than lounging.

Chesterfield Sofa
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

The hunky chesterfield sofa always makes a strong statement. Characterized by its high arms, deep seat, and diamond-tufted back and arms, it's wraparound design provide a cozy seat ample enough for the whole family to pile on. Keep in mind that its generous scale means this sofa needs a room with some size to help maintain balance.

Rattan Sofa
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

Woven furniture isn’t just for porches and patios! Bring a rattan sofa inside to give your family room a casual, laid-back vibe. Keep the finish natural for a more rustic setting, or choose a crisp white paint finish to bring in a hint of cottage charm.

Tuxedo Sofa
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

Like the chesterfield, the sexy tuxedo sofa's arms and back are the same height, which creates an upright, boxy shape. While they're often tufted, skipping the tufts and adding cushions makes this modern shape feel more relaxed.

Upholstered Settee
10 Decorating Sofas for Every Living Room Ideas

If you’re tight on space, head straight to the cute and petite settees! They deliver all the style and comfort of a full-size sofa in a slimmed downscale that is perfect for a bedroom, office, or anywhere you want to add a little comfy landing spot.

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