10 Spots Perfect Coffee Shop At Home

Need Perfect Spots For A coffee shop reception

Most people apprehend that you just don’t have to be compelled to exit for delicious coffee you will relish a coffee shop right reception. But square measure you cursed with a basic occasional pot on the counter? You don’t have to be! Take a look at these 10 spots perfect for a coffee bar at home.

Where To Put A Coffee Bar at Home

Maybe you want your coffee bar on the counter, and maybe you want something a little more special. Either way, here are 10 spots perfect for that at home coffee bar you’re dreaming about.

Spots Perfect Coffee Shop At Home

1. Carve out an end spot on your counter. An end spot makes it stand out, rather than just being in the middle of everything else. Add some extras to make it scream “this is a coffee bar!” Add a rack for your mugs and a shelf for all the things you need to mix up that perfect cup every day.

2. Do you have a “useless” space in your kitchen? Maybe that spot between the fridge and the wall? Turn it into the proper spot for a coffee shop reception. All you need is a cart with the right dimensions. Now load it up with your coffee essentials.

Spots Perfect Coffee Shop At Home

3. If space is really limited, grab a pretty 3-tiered rack and convert it into your coffee bar. If you have guests, this coffee rack moves easily to the center of the island or table where everyone can use it.

4. Even a tight corner of the kitchen becomes a cute coffee bar when you hang a sign with your favorite coffee-themed quotable. How about this one I found at Amazon?

Spots Perfect Coffee Shop At Home

5. If you’re lucky enough to have a butler’s pantry upstairs, or even a kitchenette off your downstairs family room, either is a great spot for a coffee bar at home. And just as convenient as the kitchen!

6. Any unused corner of your home makes a good spot for a coffee bar. A pretty little buffet table makes the unused corner the most used corner in the house!

Spots Perfect Coffee Shop At Home

More Coffee Bar Ideas

7. Have you ever thought about making a portable coffee bar? A large decorative tray that you can move from one spot to another is the best thing for this. Stock it with a French press, a few pretty little coffee cups, sugar packets, and shelf-stable creamers. It’s also great for when you have guests!

8. A walk-in pantry might be just the spot for your home coffee bar. Put everything you need on a shelf that’s about counter height. When you need it, it’s easily accessible. When you don’t, you can close the door and no one will know it’s there.

Spots Perfect Coffee Shop At Home

9. During the warmer months, a cute wooden cart makes a wonderful coffee bar for enjoying your morning cup out on the patio. This one has wheels, so it’s easy to move it around as needed, and then pack it away for the winter.

10. Set up that coffee bar in your dining room. If there’s more space in there, you can really make it special with lots of coffee-enjoying extras.

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