5 Style Sofa For Your Living Room

Style Sofa Designs for Your Living Room 

Sitting cozy with a glass of wine watching a movie or nestled in reading a book, your couch is your comfort zone. Along with your favorite throw blankets and pillows, it makes your other living room pieces look and feel like home. I in person love couch designs that area unit spot on with the ornamentation around it - being snug is additionally a plus! Maintain a trendy presence while all the sofa pillows are in order when entertaining, but also remember it's your favorite place for napping with the dog. With this being aforesaid, let's dive into 5 couch styles for your living room.

1. Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Style Sofa For Your Living RoomStyle Sofa For Your Living Room

You’re designing your new living room in mid-century modern and you have no idea where to begin the right couch can go a long way to fulfilling the look. Decorating around an MCM couch helps with organization and flow. How do you know which piece is best for your mid-century modern home?
If you scroll through Pinterest or any known interior design site, you’ll notice that the mid-century style you need probably has wooden legs (often gently splayed) and low profile. 

Along with tufted backs and some with round shapes, you can easily start creating your hip new living room. FROY’s Mid- Century trendy assortment contains a sort of finds for your home sweet home.

2. Industrial Sofas

Style Sofa For Your Living Room
 Style Sofa For Your Living Room

Industrial is all about leather. Steel frames and ultra-sleek designs create a fine finish that will fit right in with the rest of your decor. Industrial couch styles are universal, which is beneficial because once you want to transition into something urban or glam, for example, your couch can stay right where it is by simply mixing up the decor around it. Raw finishings and warehouse weathered looks don’t have to go into play when it comes to your seating arrangement.
Check out FROY’s Industrial Collection to create the perfect setting with your new leather find!

3. Bohemian Sofas Style

Style Sofa For Your Living Room
 Style Sofa For Your Living Room

Bohemian couch styles are available in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the proper piece of furniture is the fun half regarding making a boho oasis!
Go for the colorful route and opt for soft inexperienced tones in suede to travel together with your favored Aztec pillows. If you’re not a fan of color, change things up a bit and go with all white cushions that way your vibrant bold throws will stand out. Wood frames, tufted detailings to curved backs… Bohemian living rooms always need an accent lounge piece.
Get galvanized on purpose ideas for a boho paradise and couch designs with FROY’s Bohemian assortment.

4. Urban Modern Sofas
Style Sofa For Your Living Room
 Style Sofa For Your Living Room

When it comes to finding the perfect urban touch, keep in mind that the selections are endless. The hardest part about incorporating a couch into your living room is going to be actually picking a favorite… I wouldn’t know which style to choose because they are all stylishly unique in their own urban way! From blue hues to minimal tufted details, sofa covers and oversized cushions, your couch will be the go-to place to throw on the record player and enjoy the day!
Get your fix of ornamentation and couches with FROY’s Urban trendy assortment.

5. Contemporary Chic
Style Sofa For Your Living Room

Contemporary chic is for the glam worshipers. Anything stylish that appears adore it belongs during a fashion magazine means that you've got elite the proper selection. Tufts upon tufts, unique shapes, and gold or silver accents, if it’s a couch made for a queen, then it should be in your living room.
Style Sofa For Your Living Room

Don’t be afraid to require things up a notch once your area unit going for the modern stylish look. The more fashionable it is, the better. When it comes to this specific couch style, an all-over tufted sofa in color is my favorite – Article.com has a large selection of colorful couches. From dark blue to pastel purple, any hue will create an eye-catching focal point for your space.
Head to FROY’s modern stylish assortment to urge inspiration and search favorites.

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