Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

Toddler Room Ideas to Make the  Bedroom Possible for your Child

Toddler's room ideas must be based on creating a space that encourages curiosity and creativity while challenging their growing minds.

Your child is in an awkward but lovely age where he or she is neither a kid nor a baby. Therefore, is safety a big priority while you want a functional room that can grow with the child.

Toddlers are at an age where everything is new to them and to the parents too. They learn to walk and talk and start making sense of what is going on around them.

They love to investigate and taste everything within their reach, even when it is rather unsuitable. 

Toddler room ideas

Toddler bedding

Bedroom Kids: Toddler room ideas

You can create the most amazing toddler room ideas simply with the right bedding. Think colorful cards or trains for boy’s toddler rooms while you have more than enough Disney characters to choose from for toddler girl room decor ideas.

Toddler bedding comes with the right size complete with matching pillow while you have an abundance of colorful and playful blanket options as well.

Toddler bed

Bedroom Kids: Toddler room ideas

You will know that it is time to invest in a toddler bed and look for toddler bedroom ideas when he or she starts climbing out of the rib. This could start at any age from one year to 18 months.

You could choose to convert the crib into a daybed if it has a collapsible rail or if you could replace the existing rail with a low rail. This will be a safer option while your kid could still get in and out.

Additionally, you can invest in a toddler bed too, which is a freestanding low on the ground bed. It is a great option as a young child cannot be hurt when accidentally falling out of the bed.

Magical Canopy

Bedroom Kids: Toddler room ideas

Your toddler will love the big-child bed and you can choose to make bedtime even more special with a canopy. You can choose specific canopies for a toddler boy room with blue skies and stars while a toddler girl room example is Disney Princess and so much more. 

Bright Books

Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

Bright books with bold colors on equally bright and bold bookshelves are excellent for a toddler room. You can teach them from a young age to love reading and books with bedtime stories too.

Playful Lanterns

Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

Add life and color to toddler boy room decoration in bold and playful lanterns while a toddler girl room decoration could have pinks and colorful ponies that keep and attract attention.


Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

When it comes to color, it would depend as toddler rooms ideas for boys might lean towards blues and greens while you might go toward pinks and pastels for toddler girls room ideas. You could also opt for neutral pastels until the toddler is older and make their own preference known.


Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

Do not hesitate with the inexpensive idea of a brightly colored room which is visually stimulating. You do not have to go overboard, for example, a bright red toddler boy bedroom theme instead opts for an accent wall with drawings and paintings in a colorful palette that hangs on the accent wall.

Dreamy White

Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

When you are uncertain about the color you could choose dreamy white toddler room themes for both toddler girl room décor as well as toddlers boys room decor ideas. You will create a peaceful and serene atmosphere where any toddler will be restful while you can add color in any other way that you choose. 

Alphabet Wall for Kids Bedroom

Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

The possibilities when creating an alphabet wall are endless. It is excellent for both sexes and one of the top toddler room ideas especially since they are just starting to learn letters and numbers. Choose brightly colored letters with different shapes to entice their young minds. 

A touch of vintage

Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

When your home’s interior décor is vintage and you wish to carry it throughout your home including the toddler room décor, it is easy too. Choose red, white and brown with traditional furniture while you can still add a fire truck print for a toddler boy bedroom.

Prints and Patterns

Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

If you do not want to overspend and build a base for the toddler that can carry through to the older child and into their teen years too, use drapes, bed skirts and pillows with vibrant colors that can mix and match and easily change too. It will act as a foundation as your child matures and easily adaptable. 

Wall arts

Bedroom Kids: Toddler Room Ideas

Children are imaginative little creatures that love other little imaginative fantasy creatures. To create toddler room themes is one of the simplest things to do. You have one of the best ideas coming from Disney characters like Mickey Mouse which is always a favorite.

It is a comfortable yet fun theme. You also have superheroes for toddler boys' room themes, while Disney Princess or Cinderella, Barbie and more are great toddler girl room themes.

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