Summer Heat These Indoor Sunrooms

Summer Heat With These Indoor Sunrooms

Indoor sunrooms are the simplest thanks to fancy the summer sun while not the hot heat. Does your home already have an indoor sunroom? Or are you in the planning stages? No matter what your situation, stick around and check out some indoor sunrooms to help you beat summer’s heat!

What Are Indoor Sunrooms?

Simply put, an indoor sunroom is a space in a home that usable during three seasons of the year: spring, summer, and fall. An indoor sunroom lets in the maximum amount of sunlight, and that alone makes it an inviting space to curl up and enjoy the best of indoor/outdoor life. An indoor sunroom combines the two with perfect ease!

Summer Heat These Indoor Sunrooms

Screened Porches As Indoor Sunrooms

An indoor sunroom can be as simple as a screened-in porch on either the front or the back of the house. Screens keep pests at bay while allowing plenty of fresh air to circulate through the room. In a screened-in porch, you can beat the heat of summer by installing at least one ceiling fan, depending on the size of the sunroom. The ceiling fan circulates the air through the room and makes it feel cooler. Note that during the summer, you should set the ceiling fan blades to turn counterclockwise. This forces cooler air down in a column.

Summer Heat These Indoor Sunrooms

Glass indoor sunrooms

An indoor sunroom with a multitude of glass windows in walls and ceiling literally opens the room to the outdoors like no other. You can relax in a sunroom like this, and feel like you are outdoors, but you don’t have to sit and bake in the heat! Sunrooms like this are available with treated glass that seriously cuts the number of UV rays that come through, and that in turn cuts the heat of the room. It is also completely possible to install a cooling system in an indoor sunroom, giving you the best of both worlds all summer long.

No matter which type of indoor sunrooms you choose, you’re bound to beat the heat of summer while you enjoy as much of the sun’s rays as you like. While you’re at it, check out the great backyard landscaping ideas!

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