18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

Bathroom wallpaper ideas that you can try in your home

Transforming a room as particular as the bathroom into true works of art can be as simple as changing the walls to the right style. It may not seem traditional since ceramic tiles are usually used, but today we bring you some bathroom wallpaper ideas that will make you change your mind.

Paper patterns have some fundamental advantages over tiles, since, for example, we have more design options.
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

There are simple patterns that only use a couple of geometric shapes, but there are also more complex ones, such as florals, damasks, and of course, the classic mosaics. Wallpaper for bathrooms is as varied as one would expect.

Wallpaper in a bathroom: is it hygienic and resistant?
The consensus is that, as long as you do not place the paper near damp places, such as bathtubs or sinks, it should not be damaged. We also have to be sure that our bathroom is well ventilated, as this prevents so many germs from being created, and moisture builds up.

What kind of wallpaper can I use?
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

For bathroom wallpaper ideas, it is best to use vinyl papers or with washable features. These are relatively water-resistant, but we cannot abuse them.

In the case of selecting a paper that is not washable, we can always apply a Polyvine varnish tent to create a protective layer. It is best to use 2 or 3 layers.

Ways to use wallpaper
There are creative ways to use the wallpaper inside a bathroom, which goes hand in hand with the way they are built. Depending on whether we have a lot or little space, we can apply the options that we bring below.

– The powder room and some half-bath are perfect places to apply wallpaper. Since they are not exposed to so much humidity because they do not have sanitary pieces, we can place almost any style we want.

Bathrooms separated into sections, such as those that have the toilet in a closed room away from the sink, allow us to use up to two different wallpaper patterns (we can even play with the manufacturing materials). Look for these patterns to complement each other.

– If your bathroom has a Jack-and-Jill, then you can only place the wallpaper at specific points away from the sanitary pieces. In these cases, it is best that the parts that cannot be upholstered be filled with paint.

– You also have options for not overload a room. Wallpaper bathroom could only be used on a wall, or only to apply decorative details such as door frames and mirrors.

– If you want to put wallpaper, but the bathroom conditions do not allow it, we give you one last alternative: frame it as if it were a work of art. With this option, you can have it at least in a small protected area.

Bathroom wallpaper ideas
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

Needless to say again that the things we can do with wallpapers are spectacular. But the best thing is that we try to maintain a certain order, that is, not to disagree much with respect to the general design or the sanitary pieces of the bathroom.

An always-safe option is a paper with geometric patterns. They usually evoke feelings of joy, especially if we use bright colors. Floral styles are more suitable for small bathrooms and female use.

You can even place black and white bathroom wallpaper if you have a room with many details in gold, all to maintain the elegance of the environment.

Create a powerful highlight with a single wall
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

Upholstering exclusively a wall is a way to create a focal point. Additionally, it can be an alternative when the other walls cannot be upholstered because they have a risk of moisture.

If you choose a small wall, the monetary expense will be much lower and will be easier to maintain in the long term, especially in the cleaning section.

Natural patterns never go out of style

It may seem outdated, but the truth is that the organic design that provides a botanical paper is perfect for highlighting a room. If we combine this with the classic tiles, we will get a bold design.

Increase room size with large patterns
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

If the bathroom is already physically small, there is no need to use wallpaper with tiny patterns that all they do is reduce space. In these cases, it is better to opt for large designs that give spaciousness to the room (perfect for powder rooms).

Use a design that blushes you
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

Delicate patterns, such as snowflakes, are perfect when used with pale colors, such as pink or white. You can get a very feminine and pleasant touch with subtle details in the pattern, even if it only covers a wall.

If possible, be eccentric
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

If our sanitary pieces allow it, we can apply bathroom wallpaper ideas of any kind. For example, an eccentric upholstery that is made of standard materials. If you want to use common papers anyway, then you will have to place it in zones where they do not get wet.

Quiet spaces for Spa designs
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

If our bathroom has a Jacuzzi, and what we are looking for is to create an environment similar to that of a Spa, we have to use quiet or rural designs, with a rustic style.

Another floral alternative
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

This one we present is another alternative to the feminine floral pattern from before. If we have space, we can afford to apply it. Of course, we must remember to clean the wall beforehand so that the adhesive does not have difficulty sticking.

Expand the space with wallpaper on the ceiling
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

Another option to make our spaces in the bathroom wider is to place the wallpaper on the ceiling. If we use an Art Deco pattern, we will be able to give greatness to the bathroom. We do not recommend installing it on the shower’s roof, as steam condenses in this area and will dampen the paper.

A natural pattern

f the decoration of our bathroom is already inspired by nature, we can continue with this treatment by applying an organic print with a vintage appearance.

The wooden furniture is perfect with these patterns, in addition to the paper helps protect them from being damaged by splashing water.

In case of emergency, protect the pape

It is always advisable to apply a glossy protective layer of varnish on the wallpaper. They can be transparent or in light colors so that they do not greatly alter the finish of the upholstery.

Be careful with textures
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

The use of textured wallpapers can be complex when it comes to bathrooms. This roughness should be wide, avoiding cloth patterns, as they are more likely to accumulate water and dust.

If you want to completely avoid this problem, you can always install options that resemble the texture you are looking for, but are smooth.

Keep the classic look
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

This alternative we present is perfect for the most conservative. In this scene, we can see how the wallpaper has been installed taking into account that they cannot be splashed by the sanitary pieces, or by the carelessness of the children.

Neutral tones and designs for a simple touch
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

Subtle designs in neutral colors are ideal for modern homes and bathrooms. A pastel tone is perfect to generate character and warmth in your home without much difficulty. Also, it will allow you to highlight small spaces with minimal effort, without over saturating it.

Go crazy with the guest bathroom
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

This small bathroom can be a place to free your most absurd imagination. Try bold prints, like animal patterns. You can also apply other bathroom wallpaper ideas here so that your guests see that you are worried about decorating your home. Remember to simply avoid textured paper with small streaks.

Remember consistency
18 Bathroom wallpaper ideas Top 2019

In addition to selecting and locating the paper so that it resists as well as possible inside the bathroom, we must take into account the design we already have so that it does not dislodge from the rest of the set. The environment must remain consistent.

Remember that the bathroom is also part of your home
We cannot take the decoration of the bathroom lightly. This is as important as the rest of the home. Believe it or not, we will be a big part of our life in it, so we should enjoy the experience and make it as cozy as possible. Wallpaper can be the solution we need if we do not want to spend large sums of money to redecorate the entire room.

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