22 Living Room Storage Ideas

Living Room Storage Ideas that Will Help You Become Clutter-Free

The living rooms cannot be messy. This space is of great importance to present your home, it must always be kept impeccable, or otherwise, we will not give a good impression. That’s why it’s important to have living room storage ready. Today, we bring you practical tips so you can keep your living room tidy and become the center of the conversation.

The creation of the ideal space is not an unattainable goal. There are many living room storage idea alternatives that we can put into practice to tidy up our home while leaving it pleasant to look at.

Living room storage ideas

1. Install a rear console table
Living Room Storage Ideas

It is not the most aesthetic alternative, but if we want to quickly and effectively fix our living room, this multipurpose unit will help us greatly.

Whether to store objects or to display them, this living room cabinet should be taken into account for places with a lot of clutter.

2. Use the wall as storage for electronics
Living Room Storage Ideas

Electronic devices require a lot of space, not only because of the size of some but because of all the peripherals and cables they have.

Installing a complete sound system for our TV can be difficult, but we can simplify the process if we use the holes in the walls. Since these are directly within the structure, they do not take up additional space.

3. Take advantage of the wide wall extensions
Living Room Storage Ideas

If we have long empty walls, we can build large custom shelves where to locate the largest equipment and objects. If you don’t want to make your living room storage feel orthopedic, try installing floating shelves.

4. The boxes are a rustic option
Living Room Storage Ideas

They can function as rustic-looking living room storage units if we find more pieces for this set. Other elements in industrial materials or raw finishes can allow you to create a unique room with a worn appearance.

5. Opt for an installation that embraces everything else
Living Room Storage Ideas

The wall storage units don’t always have to be built in the traditional vertically way. If, for example, we start from a central point such as a television, we can adapt shelves on the sides as if they were a frame.

6. Install drawers for maximum storage
Living Room Storage Ideas

Storage furniture with built-in drawers is the optimal option to accommodate any space. Most benefit from having open spaces where we can display decorative pieces or place electronic devices, while we can take advantage of drawer areas to store what we don’t need. Combine solid structures with crystals to lighten the visual load of the furniture.

7.  Use the architecture in your favor
Living Room Storage Ideas

If you want to create a space that is useful for hanging out, then you should try this idea. Around a large window, build different storage cubicles. Under the window, install a larger structure to work as a seat, and you will get an area where you can relax with an amazing view.

you do not want to dislodge much from the rest of your room, paint the entire structure with the same color as the walls.

Keep order with labels
Once you have ordered everything, you must maintain order so that we do not fall back into the disaster. Simply use tags to know where each object goes. All you have to worry about is making labels that have a good design.

8. The small solution behind the sofa
Living Room Storage Ideas

This living room cabinet is small but perfect as a quick solution. The sofa living room tables are small shelves that are located on the back of the sofa and allow us to store a couple of objects that we need to have on hand.

Although they are more difficult to install when we have our armchair near the wall, we can still place something small to put our drinks or controls on electronic devices.

9. Hide the mess
Living Room Storage Ideas

If we have an emergency meeting, we must quickly accommodate all possible disasters. Among them, the stains that have been generated by coffee cups or plates, or the toys that our infants have left lying.

Use large baskets to cover the most notorious stains, while small objects can be hidden behind armchairs. To avoid having an object disaster again, teach children to store them where they go using labels.

10. Small objects accumulated in a space
Living Room Storage Ideas

If we have too many small things, it is best to organize them all in a single space. In this way, what once seemed like a mess now has a place. The classic shelves may work well for this purpose.

We can store all these objects on a shelf with glazed doors so they don’t look so out of place.

11. A similar pattern
Living Room Storage Ideas

If we use the same patterns and colors that the walls or furniture have on the shelves, it will be much harder to find the mess. Take the opportunity to put new colors in your living room.

Keep your belongings hidden
In formal spaces, it is important to hide personal belongings from other people’s eyes, not only for privacy but to give an elegant appearance. The use of furniture with smart facades allows us to hide important details with minimal effort.

A small side table can be covered with a tablecloth and it would look like a normal table, but it is a storage unit. Traditional tables can benefit from the same trick to hide chairs in this space.

12. The trays create a refined and practical style
Living Room Storage Ideas

When we need practicality for our objects, we can choose to apply the so-called tray trick. Instead of storing some objects such as remote controls inside shelves, we can place them on trays with handles to have them on hand. In this way, not only will they be located in a single easy-to-find place, but we can also move them easily.

If we add some flowers and cups to these trays, you will get a rustic look perfect to enjoy cups of tea for breakfast.

13. Don’t let the books go unnoticed
Living Room Storage Ideas

We are all proud of our book collections. That’s why when we have visitors, we want them to see them. Personal libraries are one of the best ways to store large numbers of objects, but we must do so in a certain order.

A couple of familiar objects and memories will make them more striking for visitors, but we must keep the books first. So that these do not lose hierarchy among the other objects on the shelf, try to organize them with patterns of colors or sizes.

14. Remember to maintain consistency
Living Room Storage Ideas

We mentioned it previously, but your storage design must have a style similar to your living room decoration.

Depending on the style of our living room, the materials and designs of the shelves may change. For rustic and cozy looks, furniture and wicker baskets are a classic. The most contemporary designs benefit from the use of metals and geometric shapes.

In case our style is somewhat more functional, multipurpose furniture should not be missing. Armchairs with drawers, chests with padded covers to sit on, or the always-useful sofa/ bed for the surprise guests.

15. Living room storage furniture for constant travel
Living Room Storage Ideas

If we are going to be constantly moving the objects that we store in the living room, then we should prepare some means to move them in a fast, easy and organized way. Books, for example, can be carried in handmade baskets.

If the materials we will move are larger, such as office equipment, then we will need a cart. Similar to that used by waiters in restaurants, with this we can take multiple things to our armchair in a practical way.

For more efficient use, add different baskets and boxes at the bottom of the table. Thanks to them, you will store more things in an organized way.

16. Coffee tables are a practical solution
Living Room Storage Ideas

Despite its small size, we can make smart use of coffee tables if we store objects at the bottom of their surface. As we mentioned before, you can create compartments with boxes to better organize objects, such as magazines and books.

That each hole has a use
All the spaces we have in our home can work to store things. A small room dedicated exclusively as a warehouse is ideal if we want to have everything tidy. However, we can also use other holes. It will be enough to decorate them so that they go according to the finish of the rest of the living room.

Even poufs work to store objects

Yes, those big softballs that serve to sit. Many poufs have closures on the sides to store things in their bags. Of course, they are for specific objects such as toys or towels, but we can also take advantage of this small space they provide.

17. Wall storage ideas from your memories
Living Room Storage Ideas

Our family photos, beach souvenirs, small decorative pieces or any hanging object are candidates to decorate a wall outstandingly. If we have considerable empty spaces, we can make use of all those details that are of great importance to us.

The way we organize it will depend solely on us, but the options are multiple.

18. Take advantage of the vintage style of the trunks
Living Room Storage Ideas

The trunks have a special charm when it comes to getting a vintage style. Whether leather or weathered wood, we can create a classic look immediately. The best are the storage possibilities they offer since they have a considerable size.

19. Add comfort to the windows
Living Room Storage Ideas

We mentioned a similar idea almost at the beginning of the list. The windows are a good starting point for any living room storage we want. We simply have to add a box in the base and we can use it both to store objects and to sit. Cover it and place cushions to your liking for extra comfort.

20. Use the walls smartly
Living Room Storage Ideas

Empty walls are a great place to install items that can be very useful, such as hooks to hold clothes, keys or even bicycles. In student apartments, which tend to be small areas, this idea could be practical.

21. Acquire a Bureau instead of tables
Living Room Storage Ideas

A desk that does not have drawers simply cannot be sorted in any way. It is best to buy a desk with internal compartments that allow us to keep everything in place. Even those of the 30s can help us organize modern equipment (we refer to computer cables, for example), and they are cheaper than buying a new one from the factory.

22. Keep your home entrance tidy
Living Room Storage Ideas

The living room is always exposed to many objects that end up creating an unpleasant space. This should not happen since it is one of the areas that should be more important when decorating.

No matter that it is only for family use or that we prepare it for many visits, we must always have it ready for any situation. That is why living room storage is so varied in options, which seeks to adapt to each of our constructive and decorative needs.

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