8 Very Damaging Tomato pests

Top 8 Pests of Tomatoes Very Damaging

I have mentioned tomato growing in one in every of my earlier articles. This article is a lot of concerning varied issues that we have a tendency to face whereas growing tomatoes.
8 Very Damaging Tomato pests

So here are the top 8 pests which may prevent you from getting your desired results though not in the same order.
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1. Aphids
8 Very Damaging Tomato pests

These are very small insects that are found in the leaves or the stems of the plant. Though one or two of them may not cause any major harm to the plant, once the numbers grow they create problems like curly leaves or yellowing of the plant or leave some sticky residue on the plant.

2. Cutworms

They are very tiny caterpillars and suck the juice out of the plant. The severe attack ends up in a chewed stem which may simply be seen on an associate infected plant.

3. Horn-worms

These are cylindrical in shape and greenish in color. You would find them underside of leaves. They have a voracious appetite and can eat up most of the plant in a couple of days.

4. Beetles

These are also called Flea-beetles as they resemble a flea. Though I have mentioned it as Tomato pest, it can also cause damage to cabbage, potatoes, eggplants, etc. If your plant is being affected by beetles you will find numerous small holes in the leaves.

5. Psyllid

These results in purplish veins in the leaves of the plant.

6. Spider Mites

They form webs on the underside of the plant.

7. Nematodes

It is one of the most problematic areas of tomato growing. These are small very little (often microscopic), worms that infest the soil. I have written a separate article on nematodes and their control.

8. White-flies

They feed on plant juices and leave behind a sticky residue.

How to Prevent The Tomato Pests

There are several ways to fight those problems. It is very easy to get tempted to opt for chemical pesticides but the bad news is that many of the pests have developed resistance to the chemicals. So to solve the problem we must give organic methods a chance.

You can try spraying water or organic mixtures such as Neem oil, garlic extracts. Some of the pests can be easily removed by just picking them with hands for some you can try crop rotation or companion planting.

They are so many ways by which pests can be prevented by using organic pests control means. You will find many techniques if you explore the site.
Please do post your comments and your experiences in handling tomato pests.

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