Container Garden: Window Box Gardening

What is Window Box Gardening?

Container garden - A box could be a planting box that is employed to grow plants typically placed close to the windows. You can additionally click here if you wish to grasp concerning rooftop agriculture.
Container Garden: Window Box Gardening

If you reside in residences and don't have access to the rooftop or the yard, this type of agriculture could be a superb choice for you.

Window box agriculture is a motivating and ornamental variety of instrumentality agriculture. The material of the box (the container) will be totally different. Terra-cotta, fiber, wood, plastic, or stone area unit a number of the samples of the instrumentality materials.

While choosing the size of the pot please consider the carrying capacity of your windows. If the carrying capacity is pretty low use smaller pots.

You can also reduce the total weight of the container by using lighter material and using a potting mix which is lighter than conventional soil. Click here to know more about different media which you can add to your soil to reduce the total weight.
Container Garden: Window Box Gardening

The best way is to put the boxes outside the window so they will get more lights. You can put them on the windowsills or you can hang them with the help of chains or straps. Also, add brackets together with your window to form a house for the box.

If you have problems with the opening of the window you can also place them indoors near the sunny window.

While preparing the potting soil, you need to mix compost with the soil. You can additionally add
organic fertilizers within the later stages.

Windows generally get a lot of sunlight. So you wish to water them oftentimes (almost every day). Make sure your box has a drain hole at an all-time low. Add some media like coconut fiber which might retain some water.

What To Grow In A Window Box?

In most cases, the box is employed to grow flowers. But you can grow a few of vegetables also. Some of the best options for growing vegetables are Lettuce, peas, beans, parsley, etc.

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