Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

Recommendation Dining Room Paint Color in 2019

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas is very good to be applied in your home so that your house looks newer and follows the latest trends and will not be out of date, and below this, I will share the colors that match your use in 2019. please share if interesting, don't forget the comments.

1. Color Schemes You Can Duplicate for Your Dining Room

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

Dining rooms can do a lot of things... blend in, serve as transitions, or have a personality all their own. And nothing sets the tone of a dining room like the right wall color!
Should you go bold in blue? Yes, blue normally a relaxing color is considered bold when it comes to dining rooms, as it is so rarely used.

What about an earthy brown, like the designer paint Ralph Lauren Sisal? Reds and oranges are lively and promote sociability. Browse this gallery of colors of nationally available paints to find what might be the next new color for your dining space.

2. True Blue

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

A blue dining room? Conventional wisdom doesn't exactly say, "No," but rather, "Be careful, if you do." It's often said that if you want to lose weight, put some blue food on your plate. The same might be true for a blue room that's too over the top—but when kept light and airy, blue can be an especially refreshing choice.
This extremely complicated theme comes from Olympic Paint & Stain, victimization the subsequent colors:

  • Aqua Smoke
  • Brown Clay
  • Rattan
  • Blackberry Jam
  • Moroccan Moonlight

3. Brown-Neutral

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

A relaxing brown dining room from Ralph Lauren Home. The appropriately-named wall color, Sisal, could be a brown-verging-on-neutral that's causative to pleasant mealtimes. Add during a Crescent Moon trim for a clean distinction

4. Stark White Classic

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

This color emphasizes the clean white of Ralph Lauren Home's classic Picket Fence White. Offsetting the wall brightness is the darker door (in the color Walnut) and the even darker trim (in Warwick Lodge).

5. Bronzed

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

Can there be too much brown in a dining room? Not so with these colors from Dutch Boy. These tones incorporate tints of bronze to create for an additional spirited color scheme. It doesn't hurt to have the lighter-colored crown molding to add a visual "stop" for the verticals.

  • Woonsocket Bronze
  • Dancing Leaf
  • Cypress

6. Red and Tan

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

Red is a stately, regal color. With Benjamin Moore's dustier muted red, Raisin Torte, the color is authoritative without being overbearing. Painting the wainscot in Jackson Tan with White Dove accents additional lightens the mood.

7. Shiny Red Apple

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

The effect was muted and graceful in the red dining room from Benjamin Moore. Not so with this paint from Glidden! This is full-on red. It's called Red Delicious, and it's sure to stimulate appetites and conversation alike.
Note however everything within the room—chairs, table, lilies, and flooring—pop out in contrast to the vibrant red.

8. Warm and Tawny

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

Tawny is the inspiration for this feeding area color. Defined by Webster's lexicon as "a dark yellow or uninteresting yellowish-brown color," tawny is a nice brown for your dining room that has just enough warmth to keep it lively and interesting.
From Valspar's Earth Elements Collection:

  • Tawny Bluff
  • Waft
  • Sunwashed

9. Bluest Blue

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

How blue can you go? Apparently, very blue. Even though blue could be a unsafe proposition as a feeding area paint color, Mosaic Tiles from Dutch Boy brings it down to its darkest level. The splash of extremist White on the trim helps to bathe the painting style.
Coordinating blue with deeper tones, such as the chairs and flooring, imbues it with an added richness

10. Pumpkin for All Seasons

Dining Room Paint Color Ideas Update in 2019

Glidden whipped up a palatable pumpkin-y color that you can live with all throughout the year. It's a muted orange known as Pumpkin Patch that injects instant cheer in your feeding area

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