19 White kitchen cabinets ideas

White kitchen cabinets ideas that you could try when remodeling

A white kitchen is an option that is always safe to install in our homes. Their color pattern makes them fit with almost any style, so we can be sure that we will have an updated environment that will increase the value of our home.
White kitchen cabinets ideas

However, among so many modern and vintage alternatives that may work, we probably don’t know what to choose. Today we help you decide with this list of white kitchen cabinets ideas that you can try without regrets.

The white kitchen cabinets have the virtue of being like a blank canvas. The number of changes and modifications that we can apply are linked to our imagination because its neutral color allows us to play with many combinations. The amount of alternative styles, materials, and colors with which it can be mixed has no limits.

In the following summary, you will see some of the options of white cabinets available for your kitchen, and we hope that, by comparing the images, you can have a better view of what you are searching for your kitchen.

1. Can a kitchen with white cabinets become monotone? Advantages of the color
White kitchen cabinets ideas

White kitchen designs have several benefits that allow us to be sure that they don’t go out of style. Among all this, we can break down:

  • First of all, they will always maintain an immaculate aspect (of course, if we take care of it), which is essential for such a delicate space. With this, we do not say that black is not hygienic, but psychologically, white creates a sense of cleanliness.
  • As it is a neutral color, it can be perfectly combined with any accessory. We already have a color that is basic and does not cause such a strong visual impact, so we are free to use much more striking details. For example, we can apply a somewhat eccentric design that allows us to release stress.
  • They have economic maintenance. Blank MDF and Thermofoil are not expensive.

Different ways to apply white kitchen cabinets ideas

2. Using Thermofoil
White kitchen cabinets ideas

It is as if the only purpose of this material is to build beautiful white kitchens. This protective layer is a melanin coating that adheres to the wood fiber with which the boards are constructed. As a protective layer, it fulfills a couple of interesting functions:
  • Wood agglomerates need to be sealed in some way that can withstand moisture. This layer prevents the wood from starting to break due to swelling.
  • Unlike traditional paint, as it is a layer that adheres directly to the surface, we will achieve a perfect finish that does not distort because of the holes in the wood. The uniform appearance is only possible if we cover the base material with an external skin.
The problem with thermofoil is that it cannot be repaired. Once it shatters, there is no way to return it to its original state. That is, the only way to keep the thermofoil in good condition is if it is not damaged in the first place.

Beyond that detail, its price is cheaper since it is a simple table made with chipboard to which a beautiful decoration has been added. As it is an economical option of a white kitchen, it is easy to get it in the market.

Many people consider thermofoil a boring alternative when creating white cabinet kitchens. However, they ignore that important part of this is due to the design they select. We should not select it thinking about the money we save, but to combine it with other elements such as stainless steel appliances.

3. With the right staff to do Refacing
White kitchen cabinets ideas

We are sorry, but this is not a DIY, so you will need to hire a specialized company for the job. The remodeling job is to remove all the accessories from their cabinets and then cover them with a fine veneer.

Among the options for veneering, we have the classic thermofoil, although it is strange that someone chooses this option when a hardwood cover can be installed, which is more luxurious in the finish and emulates the results very well.

Of course, when we compare it with the basic thermofoil option, we are facing a more expensive choice, but they are never more expensive than buying a new cabinet.

4. The most basic option is painting them
White kitchen cabinets ideas

If everything else is out of our reach, we can always try to paint the surface to a white color. The only problem with applying paint on the kitchen cabinets is that they may not be prepared to absorb it.

For example, those made of wood absorb large amounts of paint and require preconditioning. Surfaces that have been exposed to grease are virtually impossible to paint. We have to sand or apply some solvent on the surface so that it can be suitable for paints.

5. Interesting examples of white kitchen cabinets
White kitchen cabinets ideas

The number of white kitchen cabinets ideas that we can imagine is virtually unlimited as mentioned above. Our humor can greatly influence our final choice, being able to opt for classic, modern, cheerful or eccentric styles.

The countertops are one of the most customizable elements that exist. We can build them with weathered wood, stones or metal sheets. They can function as a contrast within the whole set, or be the element that neutralizes the rest.

With the right combinations, you can give personality to this space, maintaining a design that will not go out of style.

6. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – A Conservative Idea
White kitchen cabinets ideas

This is one of the most contemporary and popular white kitchen cabinets ideas in the world. Who has not had swinging doors in his/her kitchen? The standard utility they have makes them a constant choice everywhere.

Its construction is usually in wood (birch is the best for this), and the set of panels and drawers can create bold designs using only white and other contrasting colors.

7. Use the white oak to create that bold accent
White kitchen cabinets ideas

White oak is a wood that allows you to create textured patterns naturally. Just adding a couple of drawers will be enough for the kitchen to gain a new look.

Similarly, if your kitchen already has contrasting elements, white oak in fair quantities can serve to neutralize the visual load, returning harmony to the environment. If we combine it with other wooden elements, we will achieve a contemporary and classic kitchen at the same time.

8. A bold combination of countertops and cabinets
White kitchen cabinets ideas

And speaking of balance and harmony, we can contrast this concept even more with two opposite shades. Black and white are recurring themes within yin and yang, and that is that they manage to complement each other despite being different.

In a kitchen, this philosophy can be applied if, for example, we use black countertops with white cabinets. A modern alternative is to use wood of both colors, or failing that, for the black color, granite or quartz.

The most majestic appearance that can be achieved with those wide white waterfalls that are only finished by black sheets is unmatched. The combinations in dull colors that can be created are also worthy of admiration. Gray tones may not be as flashy individually, but together with the right accessories, they generate elegant patterns.

There is a situation where using a dull color may work well, and it is if we do not wish to dull the rest of the kitchen. However, it is important to maintain a balance when it comes to color. If we put squeaky tones like red, this will only cause us stress. If on the contrary, we use a lot of black, we could end up with a depressing sight.

9. May your kitchen shine
White kitchen cabinets ideas

Furniture polished or sanded in excess will give us a glossy finish. The smooth surface of the drawers will easily reflect the light, creating a unique environment. Of course, this appearance comes at the cost of keeping it immaculate all the time, but for modern styles, this conceptually easy construction will keep us fashionable.

Since we are bold with the selection of finishes, we can take advantage to create unique appearances. A mixture of bright white and red for countertops results in a retro look. Already with most of the work completed, just need to polish some details, such as the furniture.

This other alternative presents a mixture of dull and bright colors. Cold colors in pale tones create calm and relaxing appearances.

Alternating black with white in different elements, such as the classic chessboard floor, or black ribbons under the drawers, works when we need something classic that does not go out of style over the years.

10. Modern options for all tastes
White kitchen cabinets ideas

White kitchen designs present a good amount of modern alternatives. These are usually minimalist and very clean. Reduction in unnecessary details is the key to this appearance. The fewer elements that only work as fillers are used, the more orderly the result will be.

Modern cabinets tend to adopt large panels without any moldings, so the functionality stands out greatly to provide something unique. However, if the mechanisms that use our kitchen are not enough to quench our thirst for modernity, we can place a fair touch of color with horizontal or vertical stripes.

We can also buy bright furniture in strong colors, such as yellow chairs, or even a blender of a contrasting color. Small details are enough to break that rigidity.

11. ranite does not go out of style as a countertop
White kitchen cabinets ideas

The granite countertop, as previously mentioned, is a way of contrasting the white colors that we install with the drawers. It also works to unite the whole set and create a sense of cohesion with the whole kitchen.

12. Different experiments with white
White kitchen cabinets ideas

We don’t have to keep only the purest shade of white. Many of the white kitchen cabinets ideas that we can find suggest you experiment with other varieties and textures that give it character.

The white on its own can be overwhelming if we don’t have other elements that give us movement and dynamism. Some shades of gray can also break the monotony of color without breaking into its essence.

A worn white for a novel look

Cabinet designs have changed a lot over time. We just have to compare modern options with older ones. However, keeping a vintage shelf in good condition is not an easy task, but it is one of the most rewarding when it comes to decoration.

These are almost collectible pieces. They are extremely sought after because they allow transforming any environment into a classic kitchen in an easy way.

An advantage that may not be perceived by everyone is that their appearance allows them to combine with almost any imaginable color.

13. A carefree appearance
White kitchen cabinets ideas

The rustic style is one of the most welcomings we can get in any decorative movement. This benefit from the fact that it can be customized in any way since by keeping the materials in their natural state, we can decorate, cut or change them as we want. We can create our worn drawers with some painting techniques.

14. Deciding the small details of the white cabinets
White kitchen cabinets ideas

 Now that we have ready the biggest appearance of our kitchen, we must decide the details that will give it life. In order not to get complicated in the elections, the best we can do is follow some of the current trends to work with patterns that have already been tested.

15. Let the appliances be the contrast
White kitchen cabinets ideas

One way to create slight contrasts, and that avoids us having to change some constructive part of our kitchen, is if we simply use appliances and hardware in general that look different from the rest. Usually, the color of stainless steel is enough to create some contrast.

16. The inside of the drawers also deserves love
White kitchen cabinets ideas

It may seem a negligible change in importance, but coloring the inside of the drawers is enough to add a touch of color to the kitchen. In this way, the external appearance is kept clean with the white color, but we are not dazzled in excess. If you have shelves with glazed doors, the internal color will be a subtle way to stand out.

17. Brass makes a triumphant return
White kitchen cabinets ideas

As a decorative element and for metal accessories, brass is gaining popularity again. The brass handles and knobs combine excellently with the white color of the drawers. Of course, unlike appliances, these pieces require a more complex installation.

18. An organic design to create smooth transitions
White kitchen cabinets ideas

If we want to create a mixture between the past and the future, we must apply a series of transition elements. By using organic elements and some details, we can make our kitchen cabinets stand out.

Some simple drawings with the use of few colors will maintain the clear importance of white without overloading the kitchen. Among the color options available are turquoise and gray tones in general.

It is possible to highlight the natural colors of the stones (such as marble) if we simply combine the ornaments of the cabinets with the window and door frames.

19. White never goes out of style
White kitchen cabinets ideas

Choosing to design a white kitchen is an alternative that does not go out of style. The amount of options it offers us to create unique combinations is unequaled to the rest of the alternatives, as we could see in these white kitchen cabinets ideas.

White will always be a blank canvas when it comes to letting our imagination fly, and no matter what we do, the result will be neat.

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