9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

Best Paint Colors for Every Room, In Step With Science

Colors can convey a sense of style and set the tone for different moods in our homes. So it makes sense that the right shades of paint can enhance your quality of life at home.
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

To help you decide on the right hue for every room, we share the psychology behind favorite paint colors.

1. Best for Busy Spaces: Light Pink
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

There is plenty of proof that the color pink is soothing and serene. For instance, over the last 40 years, pink detention centers having been keeping inmates calm. We think the hue is perfect for any busy space where you need to be reminded to breathe and relax. Consider creating a fun feeling by mixing pink with pastel shades of mint or pale yellow.

2. Best for Gender-Neutral Nurseries: Bright Green
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

For a feeling of nature and balance, green works brilliantly. Because it has a calming effect, we think any green hue from zesty to earthy can work in most spaces in your home. We are especially fond of the idea of using a spring-like shade of green to create a gender-neutral nursery.

3. Best for Kitchens: Yellow
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

Victor Tirondola, the CEO and owner of Manor Works Painting, says butter yellow is an excellent color for eat-in kitchens. The hue boosts appetite while also enhancing one's energy levels. Not a morning person? Having your breakfast in a yellow kitchen can increase your enthusiasm and motivation.

4. Best for Bedrooms: Deep Blue
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

While a few recent studies cited by Frontiers in Psychology have revealed that blue light increases alertness, blue walls provide a sense of serenity and protective feelings, which makes it ideal for a master bedroom, according to New York City architect John Mochelle. Look to mix bold shades of blue with lighter tones to balance the look, such as midnight blue with sky blue.

5. Best for Home Gyms: Bold Red
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

Tara Polony, a Texas-based interior designer, shares if you are looking to make a bold, passionate statement, a bright shade of red can energize your space. In fact, according to a recent study by the Journal of Athletic Enhancement, the color can boost physical performance, which makes a red accent wall an excellent choice for home gyms.

6. Best for Craft Rooms: Lavender
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

Think out of the box with an unexpected paint color like lilac, suggests Dee Schlotter, the color expert at PPG Paints. Unlike much darker shades of purple typically associated with sadness or frustration, lilac has an air of mystery, awakening creativity. It is an excellent color for sparking imagination in a hobby or craft room. Consider pairing it with a neutral shade such as gray or with pretty berry tones.

7. Best for Dining Rooms: Warm White
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

There are seemingly a never-ending number of white paint shades to choose from, so which one is best for your dining room? While it's all based on preference, a warmer white will evoke a more welcoming and inviting tone in the room.

8. Best for Busy Entryways: Silver
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

Create calming vibes in your entryway with the color gray. Known as the unemotional hue, it can make one of the most hectic areas in your home feel subdued and reserved, shares New York City architect John Mochelle. "My favorite shade of gray leans toward silvery white. It illuminates entryways making them feel more lively than dead quiet."

9. The Best for Core Areas or Home Offices: Citrus Orange
9 Best Paint Colors for Every Room

"Orange is an invigorating color that lends a warm feeling to a room," says New York City architect John Mochelle. "It is ideal for core areas in your home where you entertain—think living rooms and dining rooms. Orange is also a motivational color making it equally suitable for home offices."

If painting all four walls in a room orange seems daunting, Mochelle suggests creating a single accent wall.

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