5 Effective Tips To Start Renting Your Apartment

Tips To Start Renting Your Apartment

For urban communities, especially in Jakarta, living in an apartment is now a lifestyle. Strategic location and equipped with complete facilities, making vertical housing is now being hunted by many property hunters.
Tips To Start Renting Your Apartment

This condition was eventually captured as a lucrative business potential, especially for those property investors, they bought many apartments in the city center and then rented them for profit.

The target tenants themselves are targeting young executives or students. Well, for those of you who are currently planning to run an apartment rental business, here are some tips that you can run.

Consider the matter of fees

First, be careful when calculating costs that you may need to spend, such as mortgage costs, maintenance, renovations, to insurance. You also need to consider the damage that might occur to your apartment during the rental time. The total cost cannot be higher than the rental fee that you applied.

Find a strategic location

The matter of location is very important because of the more strategic location of your apartment, the higher the rental fee that can be set. Examples such as close to public transportation, offices, shopping centers or education centers.

Consider a renovation

To make it more interesting, you can also renovate apartment units for rent. This is quite important because the apartment rental business competition is quite tight. It is recommended that you renovate the apartment unit you want to rent so that it looks more attractive and attractive to potential tenants.

Advertise intelligently

Find the right media to advertise your apartment. Always use interesting and informative words. Also, include a picture of the apartment you want to rent. This idea can make people pay more attention to advertisements made, also provide complete information about the features of the apartment, so prospective tenants are more interested.

Use property agents
Tips To Start Renting Your Apartment

Being an apartment owner and managing it alone can be very tiring. If you don't have time, try using the services of a property agent to help you rent out an apartment unit. Of course, there are additional costs that must be incurred. But, if it can ease your burden, why not? Check the credibility of the property agent before using his services. Its reputation must be good, trusted, and reliable.

For those of you investors who want to work in the apartment rental business, maybe buying Permata Hijau Suites can be an attractive choice. The reason is that this apartment was built in a very strategic location so that the potential of your rental market is increasingly wide open.

Permata Hijau Suites apartment was built on Jalan Kebayoran Lama No. 55, Grogol Utara, South Jakarta, the location is very strategic because it is close to the office area (Sudirman), lifestyle center (Pondok Indah, Senayan) and the business district (Puri).

In addition to its strategic location, this apartment is also sold at a friendly price, starting from Rp. 1 billion. Prices like that, are quite cheap because the location of this apartment is in the city center and strategic.

Permata Hijau Suites apartment was developed on an area of ​​9000 square meters, there will be built two towers with a capacity of up to 649 units. The type of unit offered is divided into type 1 bedroom with an area of ​​40.86 m2 type 2 bedroom with an area of ​​60.29 m2 - 69.39 m2 and type 3 bedroom with an area of ​​91.40 m2 - 91.69 m2.

To pamper its residents, this apartment is also equipped with complete facilities such as club lounge, library, aquatic gym pool, aquatic reflexology path, aquatic massage pool, yoga & pilates area, jogging track, 3 on 3 basketball court, outdoor fitness center, infinity pool to the BBQ area.

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